The Jaguar Mk V  1948-1951

Years 1948-51
Notes New post second war model to replace the prewar SS Jaguar models which had been produced from 1937-1939 and manufactured again from 1945 as Jaguars (after the name change of the company from SS cars to Jaguar Cars.
After the war, every manufacturer, including Jaguar, was keen to produce exciting new models, and the Jaguar management had in mind a new flagship saloon. This however took longer to design and produce than they would have liked, and did not finally appear until 1950 (see the MK VII section).  This new model was to feature an all new engine, chassis and updated bodywork. An interim model was needed to sustain buyer interest, so Jaguar took the new chassis they had designed, and clothed it with mildly updated bodywork. The new engine still needed further development work at that time, so they retained the pre-war Standard Motor company based engines in 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 litre capacity.  The new chassis featured an independent front suspension and softer rear springs than the previous design. Overall stiffness was increased markedly. This chassis went on to become the basis for all the separate chassis Jaguars, lasting until 1961. The same chassis in shortened form was also used for the new XK120 which also made its first appearance in 1948. The XK120 also became the test bed for the new XK engine. (the reason the XK120 could feature the XK engine, whereas the MK V could not, was that the MK V was a production model, whereas the XK120 was initially conceived as a low production hand built model)

Despite being very close in appearance to the pre-war SS Jaguars, in fact the body was entirely new, and the interior was also completely updated, and very luxurious featuring standard leather seating, and a sunroof.  

Both models also featured a relatively low production 2 door drophead coupe model, as had been the case with the prewar models.

Description 4 door sedan (saloon), 2 door drophead coupe
Pictures and memorabilia  wcmkv7.jpg (16512 bytes)

Dr Warwick Carter's 1951 MK V  (by kind permission)
(View more pictures and the story of this car on his web page)

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Pictures of MK V and original roadtest reproduction
Model Engine Bore/Stroke Power
2 1/2 -litre 2663cc 6 cyl overhead valve 73 x 106 mm 104 bhp @ 4600 rpm
3 1/2 -litre 3485cc 6 cyl overhead valve 82 x 110 mm 125 bhp @ 4250 rpm
both models Twin 1 1/2 inch SU
Both engines are versions of the Standard Motor Company pre-war 6 cylinder, featuring the high performance cylinder head designed by Weslake.
Brakes Hydraulic drum (Girling)

(Various sources differ, slightly)
2 1/2 -litre saloon 1661  
2 1/2 -litre drophead 29 Total 2 1/2 -litre  1690
3 1/2 -litre saloon 7831    
3 1/2 -litre drophead 972 Total 3 1/2 -litre  8803
All models 10493  
2 1/2 -litre 3650 pounds
3 1/2 -litre 3700 pounds
Length 15 feet 7 inches
Height 5 feet 2 1/2 inches 
Width 5 feet 9 inches 
Top speed 87 mph (2 1/2 -litre) 97 (3 1/2 -litre)
Wheelbase 120 inches
Transmission 4-speed manual. 
Front Independent. wishbones and torsion bar
Rear Live axle, half elliptic leaf springs.
Chassis Numbers
2 1/2 -litre Sedan 520001 and up (RHD model)
527001 and up (LHD model)
2 1/2 -litre DHC 540001 and up (RHD model)
547001 and up (LHD model)
3 1/2 -litre Sedan 620001 and up (RHD model)
627001 and up (LHD model)
3 1/2 -litre DHC 640001 and up (RHD model)
647001 and up (LHD model)
Registry An online registry is available at :
Standard Equipment Leather seats, fog/spot lights.Hub caps, sun roof
Options No information