The Jaguar XK140

Years 1954-57 
See also Jaguar XK120
Jaguar XK150
Notes All three body styles that had been available with the XK120 were available immediately. These were the Roadster - 2 seater with sidescreens, detachable windshield, and hood.
Drop Head Coupe (DHC), fixed windshield, wind up windows, 2+2 seating, and attached hood.
Fixed Head Coupe (FHC), 2+2 seating, wind up windows.

Launched at the 1954 Motor show the XK140 was very much an evolution of the XK120, and introduced several practical drivability features, including rack and pinion steering, replacing the 120's recirculating ball system, and telescopic dampers replacing the archaic lever arm dampers. Some options previously fitted to the XK120SE model like the more powerful engine, and thicker torsion bars were now made standard. The engine and bulkhead were moved forward three inches compared to the earlier cars, and the extra space used to fit occasional rear seats (albeit very small!).  The roadster did not have the extra seats. The exterior changed little from the 120, except for the fitting of much heavier bumpers, similar to those on the large MK VII. However the FHC roofline was extended backward and 1 1/2 inches up, to give much more space inside than the 120 FHC. Another identification point is that the car was outfitted with more chrome and badges than the XK120, including chrome strips along the middle of the hood and trunk. A cast radiator grille with fewer and thicker slats replaced the more delicate and expensive XK120 item. A nearly identical design was later to be used on the Jaguar 2.4 liter (MK I)   in 1956.

Like the 120 before it, the FHC and DHC continued to have dashboards and door cappings covered in walnut wood, whereas the roadster had a leather covered dash, padding on the tops of the doors, and side screens for weather protection.

Colors See the XK models colors details page
Body Styles 2 door sports, available in three body styles
  • Roadster
  • Drophead
  • Fixed Head Coupe
140dash.jpg (21933 bytes)
Pictures of XK140's Open two Seater, and Fixed Head Coupe
Model Engine Bore/Stroke Power
XK140 3442cc 6 cyl twin overhead camshaft 83 x 106 mm 190 bhp @ 5500 rpm
3442cc 6 cyl twin overhead camshaft 83 x 106 mm 210 bhp @ 5750 rpm
with "C" type head
XK140 Twin SU H6 1 3/4 inch (XK140), Twin SU H8 2 inch (XK140SE optional extra with C type head)
(thanks to Evan Gamblin (an XK140SE owner)  for pointing out that the H8 was optional on the SE model)
Engine was the  Jaguar XK type DOHC inline 6.
Brakes 4 wheel hydraulic drum

(Various sources differ, slightly and these numbers are close estimates. Most sources agree to within 10, but some are as much as 75 different in total production)
No details are available on the split of numbers between RHD and LHD, but some sources do break out the numbers between home and export production. As with the XK120 before it almost all cars were exported to earn precious foreign currency

No statistics seem to be available on how many cars were produced in SE trim but it appears to be rare.

XK140 Roadster
Home 49    
Export 3301   
Total 3350     
XK140 Fixed Head
Home 733
Export 2067 
Total 2800 
XK140 Drop Head
Home 430
Export 2363
Total 2793  
Total, all models 8943    (See note left)  
XK140 Roadster 3024 pounds
XK140 DHC 3192 pounds
XK140 FHC 3136 pounds
Length 14 feet 8 inches
Height 4 feet 7 inches (Roadster 4 feet 4 1/2 inches) 
Width 5 feet 4 1/2 inches 
Top speed 121 mph
Wheelbase 102 inches
Transmission 4-speed manual. Overdrive and 3 speed automatic optional
Front Independent. Coil springs, double wishbones and anti-roll bar
Rear Live axle, semi elliptic leaf springs. Telescopic dampers..
Chassis Numbers
Additional codes with number
A prefix indicates Special Equipment model
S prefix indicates Special Equipment model with C type cylinder head
DN suffix indicates fitment of overdrive
Roadster 800001 and up (RHD models)
810001 and up  (LHD models)
Fixed Head 804001 and up (RHD models)
814001 and up (LHD models)
Drop Head 807001 and up (RHD models)
817001 and up (LHD models)
Engine Numbers See the Jaguar Engine numbers page
Standard Equipment Heater, Leather seating on all models.
Options SE Model (known as XK140M in the USA (XK140MC if fitted with the "C" type head)
gave standard wire wheels, two foglights. overdrive and twin exhaust system to replace standard single pipe.. As with the XK120 a futher option was an more powerful 210 bhp engine with the "C" type cylinder head and larger 2 inch SU carburetors.

All models except where already fitted to SE
Wire wheels  in body color or chrome, Wheel trims (rimbellishers) for steel wheels.Various radios, fog lights,  various radios, Luggage Rack.  Overdrive for manual transmission, or 3 speed Borg Warner transmission on 1956 on FHC and DHC models.. The times had changed in that the competition accessories available for the XK120 were no longer publized, although seem to have been available to special order (as was so often the case throughout Jaguars history)

When steel wheels were fitted, spats were fitted in the rear wheel wells. These were omitted in cars equipped with steel wheels because of the extra width of the spinner. Wheels were all 16 inch, and wire wheels had 54 spokes. Windshield washer.