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eBay Motors offers some of the best deals on classic cars anywhere on the internet. They provide people who have learned the ins and outs of buying and selling cars on eBay with the capability to import classic cars of all makes and models into various countries. eBay Motors has become the biggest market place for classic cars and parts online and the following guide will help even eBay novices find the best classic car deals anywhere on the Web.

  • Finding Your Dream Car Online Provides tips and tricks for finding the best deal on the car you have always wanted.
  • Buying Parts on eBay Information on buying car parts on eBay and why it is considered one of the best places online to find obscure parts for classic cars.

Purchasing a classic car on eBay pretty much requires having a high-speed internet connection. Dial up will work, but because of the pace of most auctions, chances are you can miss a deal simply by not being able to bid quickly enough. Registering as an eBay member will allow you to watch auctions without bidding to see how they work as well as research possible purchases. It is also recommended to practice bidding on small items to get a feel for how the whole process works to avoid ending up with financial problems if you make a mistake on a larger purchase. Once you feel confident in your bidding skills, begin researching all the makes and models of classic cars that you are interested in purchasing. There are a few key phrases on eBay to keep in mind while doing this. “Reserve” is the lowest minimum price acceptable for the item, “buy it now” is the price the seller will accept up front and “best offer” allows the potential buyer to make an offer directly to the seller. A “meet the seller” function also includes customer feedback on the seller and a “buy safely” option that provides protection of up to $20,000 per vehicle against fraud. These functions allow potential buyers the ability to purchase classic cars on eBay in several different ways as well as help them make informed decisions on purchases.

After you find a vehicle that you want to buy, do as much research as possible. It is essential to read the description of the classic car thoroughly as well as obtain a full description of the history, current conditions and features of the car. If any of this information is not included in the car’s description there is an “ask seller a question” link at the top of the listing that will allow you to speak with the seller directly. The listing should include a good number of pictures, especially of the interior, exterior, undercarriage, trunk, engine compartment and close-ups of any disclosed blemishes. Make sure you understand any possible problems that may hinder registration of the vehicle, such as liens or lack of documentation, before making an offer or bidding. If you are worried about being scammed, there are several things to watch out for. If the seller refuses to let you see the car in person, provides only what look like stock photos of the car or will only accept wire transfers for payment, chances are they are not legitimate. It is also important to use common sense when buying a classic car online. Classic cars for sale on eBay typically go for 10% less than what they would at a dealership, but if the price of the vehicle seems too good to be true, for example, a $20,000 car listed for $10,000, then chances are it is.

Once you have all of the information needed to make an informed decision, make an offer or start bidding. The following links will provide you with even more tips and tricks to make your dream of owning a classic car a reality.

  • eBay Motors Help Provides just about everything potential buyers need to know about purchasing a classic car on eBay motors.
  • Tips for Buying a Car Online The New York Better Business Bureau provides information and tips on how to buy a car online safely.
  • Avoid a Scam Provides tips on how to avoid internet auction frauds, as well as what to do if you become a victim.
  • Buying and Selling Cars on eBay Provides a list of tips on buying a car on eBay as well as personal anecdotes from those who have done it.



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