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How to send a photo of your car to display on your Ad.

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When you are sending image files by email, PLEASE make sure you use your photo editing software to resize images to a maximum of 600-700 pixels wide (or about 6-8 inches). As a guideline 640 pixels is the default width for the images produced by many digital cameras. We have recently had far too many 4 Meg image files sent by email, and would rather not have any more!!!!!! Before attaching a file to your email, please check its size, and don't send anything bigger than 500,000 bytes. If you think its too big, try using your photo software to convert to JPG format which is normally the smallest file size. If still in doubt use snailmail!

If you have an existing image on a personal webpage, read how to use that image instead of sending one to us.

Its easy to add a photo of your car to accompany your advertisement, (and we don't charge anything!). You should use clear sharp color photographs, and we would rather you didn't trim it (or snap it in the first place), so that no background shows and the car itself fills the entire frame. Photos are much more visually appealing when there is a setting in which the car can be seen. We ask that you send only ONE photo, unless you are including a gallery advertisement. (details below)

The only two exceptions to our free advertisement policy are options for an enhanced listing and an option we offer to include a small image of your car in the "cars for sale" gallery on our home page. The enhanced listing costs $5 and the gallery photo on our home page (which includes the enhanced liosting) costs just $10 (U.S dollars), You can request that we put the photo in the gallery when you send it to us, and we'll do it right away.

The advantage is that all our visitors get a chance to see your car, and perhaps be attracted to it without having to go and search the database for cars for sale. This really works, because the statistics we collect show that these gallery ads attract up to 10 times more viewers!!

To pay us, you can either mail a check to the address below or you may now use Paypal to send us payment over the Internet. Signing up with Paypal is free, and it costs you nothing to use it, (other than the amount of money you are sending of course!)

For those who wish to include more than one photo of their car in an advert, we ask that you take the above option, and pay for a gallery advertisement. For these customers we will allow two photos of your car in the advertisement.

We offer the following ways of sending in photos.

  1. Send us an actual photograph to our Snailmail address:
    The Classic Car-Nection
    558 Prospect Street,
    Maplewood, NJ, 07040, USA
  2. The easiest way to acquire an image file to email to us is either by use of a digital camera, or using a developing service which provides your photos as image files as well as photos. Otherwise if you have a conventional photograph and you have access to a scanner, either your own, or at a print shop, scan in the photograph, to produce an image approximately 5 inches by 3.5 inches. Save it in either GIF, BMP, or JPG file format, whichever your software allows. (we prefer GIF or JPG if possible). Please name your file P1-nnnn.ext where .ext is .JPG, .GIF, or .BMP and nnnn is the reference number we assign to your car (displayed when the car details are shown or you display the list of your advertisements - either to modify one or delete one). If you send more than one photo, name them P1-nnnn.ext, P2-nnnn.ext etc.

    Email the photograph to us as an attachment to a message. Please email The Classic Car-Nection with the title containing the word 'photograph' and the message body stating the reference number we assigned to your car. If you wish to include the picture in the gallery on our home page, as well as in your advert, mention this in the message, and send us the payment for $10 (US Dollars).

  • All photographs sent either physically or electronically MUST be identified as P1-nnnnn where nnnnn is our reference number. If you don't tell us this, we have no way of knowing which photo goes with which car! As also noted above, the naming convention when you send more than one photo is P1-nnnnn.ext, P2-nnnnn.ext, etc.
  • If you send us an actual photograph, and you would like it returned please include a stamped, addressed envelope. We will then return it to you promptly after we scan it.
  • All electronic images become our property, and may be used in the future to illustrate a car of the same make and model in our history databases.
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