Where is Finland?

There it is - in the Scandinavia, Europe.

Now you know where it is and you can tell it to your friend too.

Some very miscellanous Cadillac and car related facts about Finland:

  • most cars are small Toyotas, Opels and Volkswagens. Cadillacs are pretty rare
  • some big cities have Cadillac dealerships and it is not difficult to have your Cadillac serviced or order parts
  • the winter season is rather long, from ca. November to April which time we have also lots of snow and cold too
  • cars and gasoline are very heavily taxed. New Cadillac Seville STS costs about 100 000 €  and there is an annual tax which is about 100 €..Gasoline costs about 1 € per liter
  • there is annual technical inspection for the cars after five years, before that the car must inspected twice
  • the general speed limits are: 80 km/h - outside town, 120 km/h - freeways, 50 km/h - town
  • roads are generally pretty well maintained
  • Finnish roads and towns are not always build for Cadillacs; for example parking places are sometimes awfully small
  • what else? Maybe I'll continue the list later... if you have anything to ask, your truly webmaster will gladly answer



    If you want to know more about Finland, you can also visit .Virtual Finland.

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