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   Pictures 2004

Himos summer meet   NEW

 Pictures 2003

           American Car Show

Kouvola Swap & Meet    

Cruising kesäkuu    

CCoF Summer meet at Laakasalo    

Cruising heinäkuu    

Cruising elokuu    


Forssa Picknick    

    Pictures 2002

           Various pictures from '02
CCoF Summer meet

CCoF kevätkokous    


Forssa Picknick    

CCoF pikkujoulut    

American Car Show    

Kotka East Meeting Run    

Cruising elokuu    


Kouvola Swap & Meet    

    Pictures 2001

           CCoF Cruising meet June
CCoF Summer meet at Laajavuori

CCoF Cruising meet July

Forssa Picknick    

Some misc pictures    

    Pictures 2000

American Car Show, Salo Blues Picknick

Helsinki Cruising Night

CCoF Summer Meet Taavetti

Kotkan meripäivät, the Cadillac Paradade

    Old Pictures

1998 & 1999 Pictures

1997 Pictures

Cadillacs and Four Seasons in Finland


Helsinki Cruising Night

Cadillac Club of Finland and Helsinki Cruising Night

Cadillac Club of Finland and Car Shows

Cadillac Meets

Forssa Picknick

Power Meets

Cadillac News (our clubmagazine):

Cadillac News front page 1/1991

Cadillac News front page 2-3/1992

Cadillac News front page 2/1995

Cadillac News front page 4/1995

Every Cadillac doesn't shine:

CCoF Wreck Page

Reborn Cadillacs:

Before and after restoration

Other Cadillac stuff:

Cadillac sofa

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