The Car Lover's Guide to Hitting the Road

Possibly the best way to appreciate America’s diverse and inspiring landscapes is to undertake a full scale coast-to-coast drive. With a superb infrastructure, great system of highways, and famous landmarks, America has a lot to offer people who delight in long road trips. While road trips and/or long drives can be full of fun and excitement, they can also turn into a huge drag. To ensure a smooth trip, it’s essential to know the route of travel and how to follow a map all the while being wary of traffic, construction, weather conditions, and speed limits. For instance, a perfectly planned road trip can be spoiled if you get lost or you get trapped in inclement weather. To get stuck in a road block for a few hours with hungry children wailing and screaming can be quite a nightmare. This is why it’s important to be informed of all the possible threats to a perfect road trip. The informed driver is a smart driver The rest of the article will provide links to websites with information on road constructions, traffic, road conditions, safety information, weather information, maps, speed limits, and gas information.

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