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Classic and vintage cars do not have the standard 17-digit vehicle identification number that is stamped on the driverís side dashboard of cars manufactured after 1980. Classic car VINs are not standard across manufacturers and contain various types of information about the car. A classic carís VIN is a serial number that represents the make, model, and year of the vehicle and may include characters that identify the assembly plant, body type, trim line, price class, engine type, and production number. Decoding a classic carís VIN is vital to verifying a carís history and integrity: these details help potential buyers confirm that that the car they wish to buy is authentic. Potential buyers can verify that trim tag numbers, engine code identification number, and rear axle identification numbers are consistent with its advertised make, model, and trim line and that the car has not been modified and fitted with different replacement parts that could significantly lower the value of the car. Classic car owners and buyers can research their cars with VIN decoding services online. Free services will provide basic make, model, and manufacture location information. Paid services may offer more extensive information and some will include information on body plate or tag information as well as VINs.

Free or paid VIN search and decoding services help classic car owners and buyers authenticate their vehicle and its parts. Information contained in a vehicleís VIN can help owners restore their cars to original showroom condition and help buyers avoid costly mistakes.



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