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Specializing for 25 years in classic and restoration auto parts for Vintage cars and pickups from the 30's to the 80's. We have acquired our vintage inventory, not by towing wrecks, but searching at Antique car auctions, knocking on farmers doors, and a back road search of a 3 state local area. We purchase our classic cars and pickups because we know what the classic auto parts business is looking to restore. We have 100's of used auto parts vehicles that we have already dismantled and stored, and 100's more complete vintage models to get parts from. Many of them are pickup parts, as this area is pickup heaven.

The area here has some of the best condition Vintage cars and pickups in the world as the roads have never been salted, nor have the steel recyclers dominated and crushed the classics. If you have a restoration project in mind, give us a call, we may be able to help you find that Classic car or truck for your project.

ACAR has also joined up with other yards at the Classic Parts Finder site to give the Vintage restorers more selections and competitive prices. If ACAR can't get those used parts requests for you, try out the site that is also dedicated to Antique and Vintage auto parts. I think you will want to bookmark the Classic Parts Finder site after your visit!

Another place to visit is my motor parts inventory page. Big Blocks, heavy duty trannies, maybe even some posi rear ends. Speciality parts to beef up that custom, or even the Sunday driver. Want to go there? Just click on Wheres the Beef? (link coming soon)




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